Arabic Keyboard Tweaked for Urdu Support on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

You can either install "Urdu Writer" App or get the Arabic Keyboard tweaked for Urdu characters support. One can write Urdu by that app, but have to copy paste every time, when you write.
On other hand, by tweaking Arabic Keyboard for Urdu support one can get it working every where as normal Keyboard. For later, you'll have to replace Arabic keyboard file, located at
for iOS 3 and above till 5.*.*: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/Keyboard-ar.plist
for iOS 6 & above: /system/library/TextInput/TextInput_ar.bundle/Keyboard-ar.plist in your phone, with a tweaked one.
 Its a small file, you can get it from here stored on my DropBox:
Download Tweaked Keyboard File
(To access the actual file & replace it with tweaked one (in your phone), you'll need iFile to browse through filesystem. You can get iFile downloaded from CYDIA. Otherwise at your PC, use other means like SSH, iFunBox etc.
Once replaced, re-spring your device & add Arabic Keyboard from General Settings. Arabic keyboard should have additional Urdu characters embedded.

(Note: Just to stay safe, make sure you get a copy of original file saved as backup. This tweak doesn't involve any core file of phone and it should not be a problem; still use this tweak at your own risk.)


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